Blue Led Home treatment

White Beauty Professional BLUE LED HOME TREATMENT is the home treatment designed for patients who want to maintain the shade of the tooth obtained after having carried out professional whitening in the dental office.

The kit includes all the tools needed by the patient to carry out the whitening treatment with PEN, the whitening pen based on 6% hydrogen peroxide to be used in combination with the MASK LED whitening bite. The practical kit also includes oral hygiene tools (White Beauty Professional mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrush) that can always be carried with you in the practical clutch bag.

Cod. EE644/INT – Kit contents:

2 Pen White Beauty Professional (2 ml)

1 White Beauty Professional Foam Mouthwash (50 ml)

1 White Beauty Professional Now Toothpaste (50 ml)

1 White Beauty Professional Now Toothbrush

1 Pochette (clutch bag)

Apply White Beauty Professional PEN to the surface of the teeth.

Prepare White Beauty Professional MASK LED and connect it to your smartphone or computer to power it.

Insert the bite between the teeth and proceed with power-on. At the end of the treatment, clean and put the MASK LED in the dedicated box.