Medical whitening treatment

MEDICAL WHITENING TREATMENT is the professional whitening that contains the necessary to carry out 4 treatments (4 different patients).

The package contains single-dose jars (POWDER) of silica powder and single-dose vials of liquid (LIQUID – 38% hydrogen peroxide) to be mixed to make the whitening gel and a syringe of QUICK MASK BLUE, the photopolymerizable liquid dam that will be used to protect the gums during the treatment.

The whitening treatment is also accompanied by the White Beauty Professional CARD, which thanks to the color scale will make it possible to objectively evaluate the results obtained, whilst the adhesive certifications will report the data of the treatment carried out.

Cod. EE641/INT – Kit contents:

4 ampoules of LIQUID (single dose)
4 jars of POWDER (single dose)
4 spatulas

1 measuring cone

1 syringe of QUICK MASK BLUE (3.5g ) + 4 applicator needles
4 White Beauty Professional CARD + 4 adhesive certifications

1 card with QR code to download the dedicated App

Carry out the patient’s anamnesis and take the shade with the card
or with the app.

Insert the mouth opener. Apply the Quick Mask Blue gingival dam and proceed with photopolymerization.

Apply the measuring cone to the liquid bottle and pour the contents into the powder jar.

Mix everything until you get a homogeneous gel and for greater convenience apply the jar to the glove.

Apply the whitening gel on the area to be treated.

Activate the whitening procedure using Easy Lamp.

Aspirate and remove the whitening gel.

Carry out color matching with the card or with the app to check the results obtained.

Remove the gingival dam.

In case of dentinal sensitivity, the preventive application of a desensitizing treatment is recommended, which can also be repeated at the end of the treatment.

The White Beauty Professional EASY LAMP lamp, designed for the use of White Beauty Professional professional whiteners, guarantees
maximum performance in absolute safety and with maximum comfort for the patient.

The size and curvature of the lamp head allows the diffusion of a cold and powerful beam of light to whiten 16 or more teeth in a single session and with absolute comfort for the patient.

White Beauty Professional
EASY LAMP – Cod. EE605